Our Mission

Valley Stewardship Network works to protect our land and waters through research, education, and community empowerment.

Our Vision
We envision a rural landscape where people are actively engaged in achieving the ideals of healthy ecosystems, vital communities, responsible land use, and a dynamic, sustainable economy. Communities work cooperatively to protect and enhance the watershed for future generations.

Strategy Statement

Valley Stewardship Network’s (VSN’s) mission is to protect our land and waters through research, education, and supporting community empowerment. VSN will be a resource for our communities by facilitating collaboration between and supporting stakeholders in our regional watersheds, including landowners, farmers, townspeople, businesses, conservation organizations, municipalities, and our partners. VSN will support the protection of water quality and watersheds by offering technical, science-based solutions to mitigate high-risk environmental practices. VSN will promote conservation by educating community members to evaluate ecological conditions and will encourage voluntary adoption of best-management practices. VSN will maintain a diplomatic, cooperative approach focused on positive, solution-oriented activities. VSN’s motto “Connect to Protect” helps all stakeholders connect to ways they can be involved in long-term, science-based solutions to protect our watersheds.

We know you love this place, too.

Our community health is dependent upon the clean water and rich soil that feed our local economy. We depend upon volunteers and donations to support our stewardship outreach and education programs.