You can help.

Your gifts of time and money help to protect water, land, and wildlife habitat in our area’s watersheds. Gift memberships also available.


Our Partners

Originally conceived by a “network” of collaborative conservation-minded organizations, our list of partners has grown by leaps and bounds. Our supportive relationships vary greatly, and Valley Stewardship Network serves as an access point for many of the programs offered by our partners.

Kickapoo Woods Cooperative
The Prairie Enthusiasts
Trout Unlimited/Driftless Area Restoration Effort
Mississippi Valley Conservancy
Water Action Volunteers Program
Lower Kickapoo Initiative
WI Department of Natural Resources
Kickapoo Valley Reserve
Driftless Folk School
Kickapoo Grazing Initiative
Vernon County Land & Water Conservation
Crawford County Land & Water Conservation
Crawford Stewardship Project
Community Conservation
UW Extension
Natural Resources Conservation Service
River Alliance of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program
Sand County Foundation

Your conservation network connection.

Valley Stewardship Network was conceived in the 1990’s, when sportsmen and conservation groups established a “network” to share experience, best practices, and new ideas for the protection of land and water. Today, VSN offers assistance and access to the many programs available to support good stewardship by farmers, landowners, and all who enjoy our area.