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Animal Footprint Observation Printable Page

Whether there’s snow, mud, or dirt, you can often spy stories of animals that have passed by.  Look for animal tracks around your house, in your park, or in the woods.  Draw what you see on the sheet and then describe it!


Click link to download page: Animal Footprint Observation Page.

Activity sheet for recording tracks and observations seen in nature

Wisconsin Spring Wildflower Checklist Printable Page

Flowers are just beginning to peep out from below the ground.  Walk around to spot some.  Once you find some, visit them every few days to observe their progress.  Draw them as they grow and bloom.

Use the handy checklist to look up common wildflowers and see how many you can find.


Click link to download page: Spring Wildflower Checklist

Wildflower Checklist Activity Sheet

Wisconsin Winter Bird Checklist Printable Page

Watching our feathered friends at birdfeeders or trees near our homes can provide hours of entertainment!  How many can you identify?

Don’t have a birdfeeder?  Use the instructions in the post below this one to make a simple one.


Click link to download page: VSN Printable Wisconsin Winter Bird Checklist sheet

Checklist of Local Winter Birds

Making a Pinecone Birdseed Feeder Printable Page

Winter is the perfect time to observe birds.  Leaves are few and far between.  A birdseed feeder will attract birds to you.  Best of all, you will be helping our feathered friends!


Click link to download page: VSN Printable Winter activity sheet

Worksheet about making a pinecone birdseed feeder and observing birds

Weather Tracking Journal Printable Page

March is the perfect time for a Weather Tracking Journal!  Temperatures can flit from below zero to T-shirt weather in a matter of hours.  Excitement is in the air!


Click link to download page:  Weather Tracking Journal Page

Printable Weather Tracker sheet

Signs of Spring Bingo Page

Print out our Signs of Spring Bingo Page. Now that it’s May, there are so many new things to see.  Can you spot birds building nests, earthworms on the ground after storms, baby rabbit fur balls rolling around?  What else can you find?


Click link to download page:  Signs of Spring Bingo Page

Nature Journal Pages

Print out our Nature Journal Pages and head out into nature to see what you can find!  Try visiting the same spot at different times of day or different spots at the same time of day.  What’s different?  What’s the same?


Click link to download page:  Nature Journal Page

Bird Spotting Bingo

Print out our Bird Spotting Bingo Page.  How many birds can you find?  You could begin by looking up the different birds in a guide or online before heading out to try to spot them in nature.  Try the MERLIN app which provides a customized list to the species you are most likely to have seen at your location and your time of year.


Click link to download page:  Bird Spotting Bingo Page

Botanical Coloring Pages

Local Viroqua printmaker and painter Natalie Hinahara is happy to share her botanical coloring pages with you.


Visit her site at nataliehinahara.com/coloring to download the pages or visit her on Instagram at @nataliehinahara.  Thanks, Natalie, for sharing your love of nature with us here at Valley Stewardship Network!