Watershed Wanders

Tainter Creek Wander – October 2022

Thank you to Kate Bergan for sharing photos from her Wander through the Tainter Creek watershed!

Plants along rural stream with clouds reflected in the stream<br />
Fall stream through country landscape of bushes and trees<br />
Sunny day in open valley with fields and grasses and wooded bluff on right side
Bird flying above stream with fall foliage and trees in background
Stream with small rapids and trees on one side and grassy bank on the other
Sun shining on mature corn field with bluff in the background
Stream running through center of photo with red-leaved trees on the left and green trees on the right reflecting in water
Blue skies with white clouds above wooded bluff in the background with afternoon sun glinting on fall grasses in pasture in the foreground
Evening skies with heavier white clouds above silhouetted trees in background
River reflecting clouds surrounded by trees and bluff in background
Evening sun coming through bare branches of tree in field
Sun setting through clouds over rural fields