Our Watersheds

Characterized by unique beauty and ecological diversity, the Kickapoo River and neighboring watersheds lie in the heart of the Driftless region, an area untouched by glaciers. These watersheds, defined as “an area of land that catches rain and snow and drains into a marsh, stream, river, lake, or groundwater,” include portions of La Crosse, Monroe, Richland, Vernon, and Crawford counties in rural southwestern Wisconsin. They are also characterized by numerous streams and rivers, many supporting native brook trout or brown trout.
Since the year 2000, Valley Stewardship Network has focused on local water quality through quality research and public outreach programs. Our dedicated Water Action Volunteers (WAV) have recorded over ten-thousand data points from our area watersheds. Analysis of this data points to areas of high-quality waterways as well as areas needing improvement.
Clean water is essential to healthy food and local communities, and because water quality is greatly influenced by our actions, we can all play an important role in conserving and protecting this valuable resource. For more information about clean water and watershed health, please contact us to get a copy of our Kickapoo River Watershed Assessment 2000-2010.


Interested in finding your watershed?  Try looking at this more detailed map or contact us at info@valleystewardshipnetwork.org.