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Links to videos from our 2019-2020 Conservation on Tap Season
(Not all events were videotaped.)

Wednesday, January 8: Savanna Pastures – Regenerating Earth’s Ultimate Ecosystems

Peter Allen, Mastodon Valley Farm

Oak savannas were the dominant ecosystems across much of North America including the Driftless for millions of years.  Although they are now the most rare and endangered ecosystem in North America, oak savannas offer the ultimate model for productive and profitable agro-ecosystems.  

Click on the link to see a video of the presentation:


Wednesday, March 11:  Driftless Prairie, Savanna, and Woodlands-A Journey of Discovery

Armund D. Bartz, Driftless Area Ecologist-Natural Heritage Conservation, WI- DNR

Although uncommon plants dominate these types of SW Wisconsin sites, learn how and why reptiles, butterflies and moths, other invertebrates, and some birds largely depend on these sites for their survival and future existence.

Click on the link to see a video of the presentation:


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