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Farmers Aim to Preserve Tainter Creek Watershed

Agri-View – February 13, 2018

Valley Stewardship Network receives funding for prairie conservation program
La Crosse Tribune – Nov 26, 2017

Working Together Locally: A Community Investment for Healthy Farms & Streams
You can have both healthy streams and economic growth.
It takes local leaders with diverse expertise working together, with understanding of local conditions and markets: farmers, crop consultants, agriculture retailers, bankers, fishermen, biologists, mapping professionals and soil scientists. Striking a balance that benefits all is a delicate one that means building working relationships between partners.
In upper Midwest communities now, farming landowners and their agricultural support networks are stepping up to change practices on the land, and invite others to consider the options.
In southwest Wisconsin’s Kickapoo River area, [ continued at Collaboration For Farms & Streams_3.16.2017

Traditions of Conservation Continue
This article highlights new opportunities for landowners, funded by the National Resource Conservation Service, as part of its Mississippi River Basin Initiative (MRBI), through a supplemental grant of $5.3 million for conservation practices over three years in selected Driftless area sub-watersheds. As mentioned in the article, Valley Stewardship Network will be involved in the implementation of the Mississippi River Basin Initiative.
Written by Tamara Dean and reprinted with permission of Viroqua Food Co-op, June 2016.

Mississippi Valley Conservancy Receives $100,000 Two-year Grant for Greater Kickapoo River Watershed Project
La Crosse Tribune – Apr 27, 2016

Gays Mills Residents Honored for Stream Monitoring
La Crosse Tribune – Apr 27, 2016

MVC Preserves 87 Acres of Land in Vernon County
La Crosse Tribune – Dec 29, 2015

Saving A River Starts On The Land
The Flow by River Alliance – Winter 2016

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There will surely be more news and updates about the new $5.3 million NRCS/MRBI cost-share funding for farmers in 10 sub-watersheds of the Kickapoo and VSN’s involvement with the Mississippi River Basin initiative.