The Valley Stewardship Network (VSN) is a locally based, funded, and managed non-profit organization comprising neighbors and friends of the Kickapoo Valley. Our primary goal is to promote a balance between a healthy environment and strong communities.
We work cooperatively with other area groups interested in water quality, sustainable forestry, support of family farming, resource conservation, and economic development. VSN is actively involved in:

* Collaborating with organizations for workshops and activities in such areas as sustainable forestry, organic and alternative agriculture

* Raising awareness of the need to control invasive species threatening our forests and waterways

* Working with student organizations to take on projects that demonstrate good stewardship of our resources

* Working with others to identify mechanisms that can support the development of low-impact tourism and other culturally and environmentally sustainable economic development

* Facilitating the formation of a citizens’ working group to develop methods and partnerships for land preservation

* Providing educational programs and resources for newer landowners

To apply for the grant, download the application form by clicking on the link below.