The prairie plants along Rock Avenue in front of the McIntosh Memorial Library in Viroqua were planted in the spring/summer of 2016.  A total of 35 different species were purchased and planted by a team of volunteers.  Under the direction of Gary Thompson, a planting map was created.  The plants were strategically planted so there would always be flowers blooming from spring to fall.  Today, the plantings are still cared for by Gary and attract pollinators on a regular basis.  Identification markers were purchased by the Friends of the Library.  The library’s installation of native plants shows what can be done in very small areas surrounded by hard surfaces and demonstrates the wide diversity of plants that can grow in somewhat difficult conditions.

View of native plantings along the side of the McIntosh Memorial Library




This photo shows how the native plantings bring the outdoors of the library to life.


Closeup of native plantings along library





Native plantings in bloom in August


Closeup of plant with tag at library




Closeup of plant with label

Closeup of native plant at library





Color in August at library


View of native plantings along side of building





Plantings in fall along the library building