This garden owner has a particular interest in permaculture – plants that provide fruits, berries, and nuts for human consumption, many of which are native to the area.  He also has a wide range of herbs and plants for medicinal uses.

He has been growing vegetable gardens for most of his adult life and has expanded to fruit trees and berry bushes over the years.  He feels that native plantings might help the wormy apple trees by supporting predatory insects – to keep the pest insects in check.  He also likes the idea of a more diverse ecosystem.  He has seen the insect and amphibian populations become more diverse in his yard.  It’s very exciting to look closely throughout the garden at different times of the day and year to see all the varieties of native bees and other insects.  He has seen a couple varieties of frogs, toads, and even a garden snake hanging out in his backyard.  He enjoys harvesting the black currents, the goose berries, the grapes, and the vegetables from his raised beds. He also has an interest in herbs and herbal medicine.  The birds certainly enjoy all the berries and nesting sites the plantings offer.  It’s fun and educational to see this variety of woody plantings, native flowers, and grasses.  It’s like an oasis, a getaway in his own yard.

House with native flowers in front of it





Front of house






Back yard